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Bluestar Security & Cabling specialise in the installation of Perth intercom systems for both residential, commercial and industrial locations.

Intercom systems play a significant role in the security of any premises. They enable the occupant to remotely identify, then grant or deny access based on their judgement.

This alone prevents unwanted, or unexpected visitors from making it past the first (and often only) barrier of security, which is generally the front gate or door.

At Bluestar Security & Cabling, we provide our customers with a variety of intercom system options and more importantly, we offer recommendations to help them make the correct choice.

With so many makes and models of audio and video intercom systems available, we are able to make recommendations based on our years of experience and deep industry knowledge.

All of the Perth intercom systems that we recommend come with a manufacturers warranty of the product and an installation and workmanship guarantee from us. We also offer support and training manuals to help our customers use the systems we supply.

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