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As the Perth NBN rollout continues, homes and offices are required to upgrade their current services to take advantage of the new high-speed network services.

The new NBN technology relies on modern cabling systems that will effectively replace the existing infrastructure. These upgrades make it possible to enjoy lightning fast internet and communication platforms.

Bluestar Security & Cabling work with commercial and residential clients, right across Perth and in surrounding areas to help them take advantage of the new NBN network that is being installed nationally by the Australian government.

While the government has provided the NBN infrastructure, it’s still up to the home or business occupier to bring the connection to the property, which is where Bluestar Security & Cabling come into play.

As Perth NBN experts, we will bring your connection into the property and set up your home network to make sure everything is running optimally.

Often, NBN upgrades may require new devices, like modems and routers to be installed, which can cause confusion if you’re not familiar with the technology. As part of the service, however, Bluestar Security & Cabling will explain your options, make recommendations and help you make the right choice.

Perth ADSL Cabling Installations

If you can’t, or you’re not wanting to connect to the NBN, but still require internet, an ADSL connection may be the right option for you.
ADSL offers a reliable internet solution to locations and is readily available. In most cases, properties already have an ADSL connection, however Bluestar Security & Cabling can help you optimise your installation and get the most bang for your buck.

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