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As the Perth video intercom experts, Bluestar Security & Cabling have a deep understanding of how important security is at your location.

Gone are the days where we have to walk from one end of the house or office to only find a salesman at your door trying to sell you an electricity plan.

Video intercom has brought a whole new level of convenience and safety to our everyday lives. One that makes it hard to imagine life before.

Fewer disruptions, more convenience

Offices are often referred to as ‘distraction factories’ for obvious reasons. If it’s not your co-workers interrupting you while you’re in the middle of a task, it’s your phone or computer. The last thing you need is having to get up and answer the door every 30 minutes to someone you don’t want to speak with.

Video intercom enables you to turn what would normally be a large disruption into a less significant one. Technology today enables you to see who’s at your door from a wall unit, a computer, or even your phone, so you really don’t even have to get up.

Safety via security intercoms

If you’re at home, it could be protecting your family from unwelcome guests. If you’re in the office, it could be disgruntled staff or unannounced visits from clients, or deliveries and so on.

Being able to see who’s at your door is a huge advantage when it comes to safety. There are a lot of strange people out there, so the smart option is to install a barrier in the form of a video intercom.

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